Quality, reliability, professionalism and service are the cornerstones of our company, our organization allows us to handle urgent deliveries in 24 hours and normal work in 3-5 business days with the possibility of agreeing withdrawals and deliveries with our means of Transport or with contracted couriers.

We perform the anodizing treatment according to standard 10681 and we specialize in the treatment of special alloys such as ERGAL and AVIONAL as well as on FUSIONS and FUSES.

BM’s experience in the treatment of metals for almost 40 years is a decisive and fundamental variable in achieving an excellent result. With our 40 years experience, we are able to support the customer by providing advice from the early stages of the project, from the choice of alloy, through mechanical machining to superficial pre-treatments to the choice of anodizing treatment more suited to specific requirements.

For additional information concerning the anodization treatments visit our website www.bmanodizzazione.com